A consistent exercise routine and a healthy diet may not be enough to tone and tighten certain body areas. However, a device on the market can build muscle and sculpt your body. EMSculpt is a revolutionary treatment that uses high-intensity electromagnetic therapy.

The treatment strengthens current muscles and helps grow new muscle fibers, providing non-invasive body contouring results. One session of 30 minutes provides you with thousands of muscle contractions to tone and strengthen the treated muscles. In addition, it is as if you have finished 20,000 sit-ups in one session.

After your session, these contractions will help inner muscle fibers reconstruct, sculpt, and build muscles. We recommend four sessions; you will see 16% muscle gain and 19% fat loss.




The FDA has cleared EMSculpt to treat:

● Abdominals
● Buttocks
● Arms
● Calves
● Thighs

*Two sizes of applicators are available to target specific areas of the body, one for smaller target areas and one for larger target areas.


EMSculpt builds muscle and sculpts your body using high-intensity electromagnet therapy. The treatments enlarge current muscles and help grow new muscle fibers.

Body contouring reshapes and improves the body’s appearance based on your specific goals.

EMSculpt treats the abdominals, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs. There are two different applicator sizes to treat small and large areas of the body.

EMSculpt treatments take 30 minutes. We recommend that four treatments are done 2-3 days apart for the best results. We will design a customized treatment plan based on your needs and concerns.

No, but treatment with EMSculpt feels like you had an intense workout and may feel tired and sweaty.

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