Microinfusion Facial

Microinfusion Facial

The Microinfusion Facial uses manual Microneedling to inject Botox and hyaluronic acid just below the skin’s surface for enduring results. We use a customizable Microneedling device with microneedles that injects a specialized solution into the epidermis. Our solution consists of Botox, Filler, skin brighteners, and vitamins. As the microneedles penetrate the skin, it causes new collagen stimulation. The tailor-made treatment blend reduces enlarged pores, improves scars, prevents oily skin, and replenishes the treatment area for a radiant, luminous glow.

The advantages of this treatment include

  • Reduces hand wrinkles
  • Tightens face and neck wrinkles
  • Shrinks pores
  • Fades acne scarring
  • Diminishes redness
  • Brightens and smooths skin



Microinfusion Facial

Microinfusion Facial uses a microneedling system that delivers solutions steadily into the skin. This advanced device used in the procedure gives patients enriched and supple results. You’ll get a boost of hydration and even-toned skin with only one treatment. Microscopic punctures are gently applied to the targeted area during the procedure. It signals naturally to your system to begin a healing process. New cells are made to regenerate the tissue, causing the skin to renew. The amount of elastin you make will continue to improve for months after the treatment. This treatment is made for you if you want to preserve healthy moisture retention.


The treated areas include the face, the skin near the eyes, neck.

The results will be seen within three to seven days after the procedure.

Microinfusion Facial results can last three to four months. We recommend follow-up treatments to prolong the results.

The effects of Microinfusion Facial are mild and include redness and sensitivity to the sun. These symptoms subside within a few hours.

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